community mobilization

Community mobilization has been defined as a capacity building process through which community individuals, groups, or organizations plan, carry out and evaluate activities on a participatory and sustained basis to improve health and other needs on their own initiative or stimulated by others.

our current focus: building a compassionate and trauma-aware community

We believe in the power of connection and compassion to make space for healing the human hurt we all experience.

Educating our community about the impact of trauma on our human development and the science that supports the power of connection is an important step to stopping the inter-generational cycle of what we call Adverse Childhood Experience (ACEs). We focus on resilience building as a community strategy that allows for individual and collective action to change our experiences and our future for the better. We engage organizations, schools, governments and residents to create a more compassionate community.

A community’s resilience is important— rarely can an individual achieve their highest level of resilience and hope without being in a safe, healthy, caring environment. Healthy, connected communities have the capacity to provide the skills and opportunities families need to increase hope, heal the impact of trauma and support children who will thrive.

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Join us in creating a resilient, strong and compassionate community. Start with one of these:

understanding trauma & resilience

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) may be impacting your family’s well-being. Learn more here.

community education & training

Want to attend at training? Looking for trainers and/or facilitators of and from our community? Find a training or trainer and conversation facilitator here.

for trainers & facilitators

Resources and information to support the community of trainers and facilitators. Click here to access.