projects & partnerships

fiscal sponsorship

WFCN is the fiscal sponsor for a variety of grassroots associations and developing nonprofits whose mission aligns in significant ways to our own mission.  The following organizations are sponsored associations who have signed individualized fiscal sponsorship agreements with us.  They are officially projects under WFCN’s 501 (c) 3 status, though they maintain a sense of autonomy as they plan, implement and coordinate work within their unique communities.


(Long-term efforts to incubate new services that build community capacity in a mission-aligned area)


(Generally short term events, activities or minor fiscal supports that fulfill the WFCN mission)


The bulk of the community capacity work WFCN is involved with is accomplished through multi-sector, collaborative partnerships focused on creating a culture of health, wellbeing, compassion and resilience across all communities in Whatcom County.  See our Partnership page.