capacity building

Partnership, collaboration, and collective action requires that passionate, skilled, and accessible individuals within systems connect, find common ground, pool perspectives and resources and take risks together. We explore pathways and possibilities and accept that in the work of building safe, healthy and resilient communities–the map gets handed out at the end of the journey.

WFCN sponsors grassroots efforts and nonprofits that align with our mission. We support projects that serve unmet needs and build skills and opportunities for children and families.

Community Capacity Building Partnerships: 

  • Resource Roundtable Effort—Focused on moving toward a better future in resource access for ALL in Whatcom County. 
  • Mt. Baker Foundation Partnership—Focused on increasing community health equity in the Columbia Valley and uplifting health prevention strategies for the future of all who live in the area through funded projects that are community driven and led. 
  • Columbia Valley Community Connections Group—Focused on connecting the residents of Columbia Valley with existing resources and opportunities and imagining and working toward a better future. 
  • Whatcom County Youth Behavioral Health Stakeholders Gathering—Focused on increasing connection, understanding and solution finding for those engaged personally or professionally in youth behavioral health, with some focus on youth mental health. 

What is capacity building?

Community capacity building often refers to strengthening the skills, competencies and abilities of people and communities to respond to challenges, issues and systemic inequities.

What is the first step in becoming a sponsored organization?

Have a conversation. Everything begins with conversation. Talk with the others in your group. Talk with our Executive Director to see if there is a good fit. Start talking in community.

How are people chosen for a Community Builder Award?

Honorees are nominated by past honorees, community partners and projects, and board members. For more information about the Community Builders Awards (including past honorees), click here.

we operate from the theory of change illustrated above in our projects and partnerships

projects & partnerships

Our partners are numerous and diverse spanning the county and made up of both individuals and organizations. Click here to learn more about our projects and partners.

community builder awards

Ken Gass Community Builder Awards recognizes honorees that have contributed to building community and improving the lives of children, youth, and families. Check it out.


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