Ken Gass Community Builder Award Nomination Form

As the founder of Whatcom Family and Community Network, Dr. Ken Gass was our organization’s first connector, community builder, and advocate for the health and well-being of our Whatcom children. In his name, we celebrate people, organizations and actions that continue to strengthen community so children and families can thrive. With joy we announce that It is time to open nominations for the 2024 Ken Gass Community Building Breakfast!

WFCN is seeking nominations for efforts that highlight how individuals, groups, organizations and businesses are giving hope, supporting resilience and offering opportunities for children, youth and families to thrive. We are moving away from awards in favor of celebrating the types of efforts happening, so that we can learn more in-depth about how community building is alive and well in Whatcom County. The number of individuals or groups highlighted will be fewer than in the past (approximately five (5) will be highlighted).

The intent is to celebrate and understand local community efforts focused on ensuring children, youth and families thrive in Whatcom County. We wish to highlight efforts that are born from resident defined-goals within a resident-defined geographic area/community that:

  • Leveraged resources (time, talent and/or treasure) to increase community planning for a better future for children, teens and families.
  • Increased access to services for children, teens and families.
  • Increased connection among community members at the local level to increase social capital, trust and civic engagement.
  • Brought together residents to solve problems or face adversity by taking collective action that improves their local community to balance hope with concern
  • Created system change that shares leadership with children, teens and/or families and/or embeds resilience, wellbeing and/or protective factors into organizations and broader community systems.

For your submission to be considered, a fully completed form must be submitted. It is important that both the nominee’s current email and phone number are included for us to contact the nominee about this opportunity.

If you would like to nominate someone or a group, please click below and complete the nomination form by Wednesday, November 22, 2023..

An Important Note: The online form times out after 20 minutes. When there’s 2 minutes left, you’ll be able to extend the time for another 20 minutes. If you are concerned about it timing out on you, you may consider typing your answer in advance to the question: Please describe how the nominee has exemplified the area(s) that you selected in the previous question OR emailing to request a fillable form to submit.

Save the date to join us!

We are excited to announce that the annual Dr. Ken Gass Community Building Awards Event hosted by Whatcom Family & Community Network has been re-envisioned by our Board of Directors. For 25 years, we gathered in December to honor the efforts of community builders broadly across Whatcom County.

Starting in 2024, we are shifting the date to February and designing an engaging format to highlight the power of connection, hope and resilience in building community that supports children, youth and families.

WHAT: Dr. Ken Gass Community Building Breakfast
WHEN: February 10, 2024; from 9 to Noon.
WHERE: Dome Room in the Port of Bellingham, Cruise Terminal, 355 Harris Ave. Bellingham, WA 98225
ATTEND THE EVENT: Keep an eye out for invitations to attend this connector/networking and community building event.
We are excited to host a community building networking event that offers time to connect, inspire and hope together for stronger community to protect our children, promote the wellbeing of youth and support the families raising them.

Thank you for your nominations!