vision and values

Whatcom Family and Community Network (WFCN) envisions

a thriving community built on equity, social connection, participation and opportunities.



Convene community networks to build individual and organizational capacity to improve people’s lives.

collective action:

Facilitate community conversations to find collaborative possibilities and act to achieve common objectives.


Respond to the needs of youth, families and community by raising awareness and sharing information, resources and technical expertise.


Foster authentic human relationships rooted in compassion, respect and integrity.


Model a culture that elevates the broadest variety of voices, honors the inherent worth, dignity and contribution of people to increase acceptance and belonging.


With love and goodwill, build relationships that offer safety for vulnerability and meet people where they are in their life journey. Show acceptance, empathy and compassion for others. Recognize individuals’ gifts, strengths and wholeness as contributions to a greater and neighborly community.


Use deep and authentic knowledge to encourage well-being. Empower strengths and facilitate the creation of hopeful pathways and skills for progressive healing and resilience. Provide opportunity for timely support and feedback.


Recognizes disparities in our community and works to transform the narrative toward hope for a better future. Supports change at systems levels to further social justice.

  • Attracts a range of identities and cultural backgrounds within our organization, leadership, and through community partnerships.
  • Provides transparency, access, accommodation & resources so ALL can fully participate, develop and thrive.
  • Engages closely in relationships with humility; actively listens to, and continuously learns from people who experience disparities in power and access to opportunity.