Kristi Slette

Executive Director


The important work of WFCN includes convening and connecting diverse people and their perspectives around significant issues that impact the lives of children, families and communities. We hold space in community for change to spark and catalyze. I value discussion as action, use of strength-based perspective and creativity as a source of solutions and dreams for our children, families and communities.

I come to the staff with over 30 years of human services experience in public safety, civic engagement, adult education, and non-profit management. I have a heart for providing children love and safety in families and communities and a personal understanding of the impact adverse childhood experiences can have on individuals and families.

I enjoy time with family and friends. I love camping, kayaking, biking casually, walking and swimming for exercise. I attend church and community events that further develop my spiritual and social relationships. I enjoy listening to music and creating things.

Lisa Moulds

Whatcom Prevention Coalition Coordinator/
Prevention Manager


My primary role as Whatcom Prevention Coordinator involves bringing together a wide range of professionals, parents, youth, family members, teachers, counselors and others committed to preventing youth substance abuse and youth suicide while promoting healthy development for youth in our community. My professional background includes peace education work, supporting youth, communities and schools, and serving the elderly, people with developmental disabilities, and survivors of domestic violence.

I build my resiliency by spending time with my family, singing, walking outdoors, reading and appreciating the beauty in our community. I also remind myself to breath deeply!

Darcy Allen, CHES

Mt Baker Community Coalition Co-Coordinator


What excites you most about being an MBCC Co-Coordinator?

I love community, connection and relationships. I love supporting the community in the directions they choose to go. I also love upstream prevention work–finding and healing those places where people are falling through our social safety net.

What brings you to this work?

I’m part of a seven generation Whatcom family. If I am blessed with another day on this planet, I want to improve conditions for the community today, and also lay the foundation for the community of the future.

Allison Ormsby

Mt Baker Community Coalition Co-Coordinator


What excites you most about being an MBCC Co-Coordinator?

I’m really excited to get to know the youth who are part of One Baker Voice, the high school prevention club. I’ll be supporting them and helping make the magic happen!

What brings you to this work?

This year actually marks my 13th anniversary being sober. I definitely identify with folks who have been in those places. Now, my personal experience feels like a blessing and a strength.

Amy Dunham

Youth Suicide Prevention and Mental Well-Being Manager


I have a passion for helping young people learn resilience skills to build up their mental health, and also to help them realize the resources for help that are available to them. No young person should have to suffer in silence or suffer alone with mental health struggles- help and hope are available!

I bring expertise on suicide prevention, especially youth and especially education. Years of experience with suicide prevention, suicide prevention education, working with youth in variety of capacities, volunteer work answering crisis lines, Restorative Justice training and philosophy

I enjoy the scenery of Whatcom County through walks and hikes, hot yoga classes.

Savannah (Sav) Schell

M.A.D. H.O.P.E. Volunteer Coordinator & Well-being Specialist


As a coordinator for the MAD HOPE program, the work I do contributes to the resilience of Whatcom County by empowering youth to help out their friends and peers who are struggling with their mental health. The MAD HOPE Program trains youth in how to build up their resilience by utilizing the tools around them in their environment, such as finding activities they enjoy, fostering relationships with adults they trust, and gaining the confidence to ask for help for themselves or a friend when they need it. A huge part of building and maintaining a resilient community is instilling the skills of resilience in the youth.

My unique perspective here at WFCN/MAD HOPE is in my educational background. I have a degree in Sociology with an emphasis on Global Health. I conducted research in Whatcom County called the “COVID Impact Assessment”. This was where myself, and a team of 15 others, immersed ourselves into the community to find out what populations were impacted the most, and how to move forward using an upstream approach. Learning about how COVID impacted the mental health in our community, and especially in our youth, is something I carry with me to every MAD HOPE Training.

I build up my resilience in Whatcom County by enjoying being outside! If I am not working or volunteering, I am in the mountains, in the ocean or somewhere in the woods. Going to where there is fresh air, sunshine, and cool glacial melt is my main way I de-stress. I enjoy spending time on my paddle board on Lake Whatcom or backpacking through the Mt. Baker wilderness.

Gwen Schorr

Americorps VISTA Youth Mental Health Community Organizer


Bio update coming soon!

Kristin Danielson

Administrative and Program Coordinator


At Whatcom Family and Community Network, we are really committed to people being at the center of our community and its solutions. I am impressed at WFCN’s impetus and success in having new conversations in a new way that create space for something new to grow. Connecting care for people with the clarity that we still have work to do, has us be able to move forward together.

Growing up in South Dakota, while also having lived in places across our country and world, I embrace the diversity of ways that life can be lived, and am clear that we can live it together. In the words of Storypeople, “I don’t think of it as working for world peace, he said. I think of it as just trying to get along in a really big strange family”. With over 10 years of experience in non-profit organizations, I have held roles including community organizer, administrator, and fundraiser. I am excited to have found a home here in Bellingham at Whatcom Family and Community Network.

I love spending time with my partner and little kiddos. As someone who loves music and dancing, I try to do that as much as possible – be it at my house or out on the town. Bellingham is really one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever lived (and I’ve moved a lot) – so I really enjoy gardening and going for walks around town.