Mt. Baker Community Coalition

Founded in the fall of 2017, our efforts are focused on substance use prevention and mental health promotion for the youth and families in the Mt. Baker community. We partner with the Mt. Baker School District faculty and staff, local business, social services, local media, youth, parents, caretakers, and other local community groups!

What is a Coalition?

A coalition is a partnership between individuals and organizations in a community for the purpose of working together toward a common goal in the community.

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Our Mission and Core Values

Our Mission is to strategically build a strong community that offers well-being to all by focusing on youth and families, through substance use/misuse prevention strategies and mental health promotion. We work together to provide education, resources, eliminate risks, increase protective factors, and leverage community strengths and assets.


  • Trauma-Informed Approach: Being trauma-informed operates from the assumption that every person has experienced some form of trauma. Rather than asking, “What is wrong with you?” We want to know “What happened to you?” Using a “trauma-informed approach” helps us remember that the way a person behaves is often a symptom of an unmet need. Humans cope with the skills they have available to them.
  • Resilience: The ability to bounce back from adversity; this is a life-skill that can be improved upon.
  • Cultural humility: We strive to recognize and honor the cultural differences among us.
  • Youth voice: We strive to promote and amplify the perspectives of our youth.

What area do we serve?

Our focus is serving East County! This includes the Mt. Baker School Service District (#507) Area, which spans over 600 square miles in East Whatcom County. This includes: Deming, Kendall, Maple Falls, Acme, Glenhaven, Van Zandt, Glacier, parts of East Bellingham, and what is known as the Columbia Valley Urban Growth Area.

Where are we located?

Mt. Baker Community Coalition holds offices in various locations, including:

  • Mt. Baker High School
  • East Whatcom Regional Resource Center
  • Whatcom Family & Community Network (WFCN): Roosevelt Neighborhood Resource Center

What do we do in East County?

We provide various activities and programs designed to help empower our local youth and families.

Some current opportunties include:

  • One Baker Voice (OBV):  A student-led club focused primarily on connection and well-being. OBV promotes healthy decision making (i.e. drug prevention and mental health promotion) and provides a safe place for youth to make meaningful connections and participate in leadership growth opportunities. (Including a youth-led program every summer, Learn, Serve, and Earn!) If you have questions or would like to get involved in OBV, please reach out to club advisor, Michelle Flores at
  • Community events: MBCC participates in various community events hosted by our local partners. These include, but are not limited to: Kendall Summerfest, Halloween Resource Fair, East Whatcom Wellness Fair, Parent nights at school, and many more!
  • Hello Neighbor Newsletter: *Currently being transited to the Foothills Communication HUB (updates pending).* To view previous editions click here:
  • More to come!

Who is involved with MBCC?

  • Coalition Staff
  • Community members
  • Community partners
  • Sector representatives

*See below for more information about how to get involved!

Why does any of this matter?

We know that youth today are struggling for a variety of reasons. One way youth often cope, is with substance misuse and engaging in risky behaviors and decision making. We have found that when we address the root causes of substance use and mental health challenges, we can have a positive effect on their wellbeing and give them a sense of community and belonging.

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How can I get involved?

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Attend coalition meetings

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Coalition meetings are held every 3rd Monday (Tuesdays if there is a holiday) at the Mt. Baker School District Office board room from 3-4:30pm. You can attend in-person or via Zoom. To attend a meeting or lean more about our meetings, please contact LeAnn Greer at

Become a coalition member

Individuals who regularly attend coalition meetings are considered members. We are in the process of updating membership, as well as navigating the zoom/hybrid/in-person world. To learn more contact us at

Join us as a Sector Representative

Sector Representatives agree to a higher level of commitment to meeting attendance involvement. This helps incorporate a spectrum of perspectives and expertise into our work.

Sector Reps include:

  • Substance Misuse Organizations
  • State/Local Tribe Government
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Religious/Fraternal Organizations
  • Civic Volunteer Organizations
  • Law Enforcement
  • Youth Serving Organizations
  • Schools
  • Media
  • Local Businesses
  • Parents and Caretakers
  • Local Youth

If you would like to be a sector representative or learn more about coalition membership, please email LeAnn Greer:

Join us as a community partner

We currently collaborate with various businesses, organizations, government and privates agencies, religious organizations, and many more! To partner with, please contact LeAnn Greer at

Join the Columbia Valley Community Connections Group

Work alongside neighbors and community organizations to highlight and build upon community strengths to address needs! Meets every 2nd Monday of the month. For more information, contact Jessica Bee at