Susan Taylor, CRNA

Susan Taylor, CRNA

2021 Community Building Award Recipient

Susan is a registered nurse and certified registered nurse anesthetist with nearly 30 years of medical experience.  This is her day job.

As Covid-19 vaccination became available in our community, the systemic bottleneck for quick access to vaccination clinics became clear to Susan.  She met the emerging need with skills and knowledge she possessed and leveraged her professional network to create a solution: mobile vaccination clinics.  And for the last year, this is how she has filled her evenings and weekends in a voluntary role.

Susan used her own resources of knowledge, money and time to become a certified vaccine provider within the state.  She volunteered her professional skills and recruited others to do the same to open additional vaccination sites.  The goal of the clinics was to take the vaccination to people where they are at in community.  “Where they are at” referred not only to geographic location, like more rural areas of Whatcom County, but also to “where they are at” in terms of making the choice to become vaccinated.

In her efforts, she offered to come to businesses, churches and other community spaces by request—making vaccination easily accessible.  She reached out to leaders in diverse communities who held concerns and questions about vaccination and worked to make clinics available in community spaces where people could inquire and make decisions about vaccination for themselves.

In total, Susan and the volunteers she rallied, offered over 80 mobile clinics as a means of decreasing barriers for those who wished to become vaccinated.

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