Lee Anne Riddle

Lee Anne Riddle

2021 Community Building Award Recipient

Lee Anne is receiving a Community Building Award to recognize her efforts to improve education locally and statewide. She has served on the Ferndale School Board for 16 years and on the Board of the Washington State School Directors Association for 6 years.

Lee Anne quickly acknowledged that the accomplishments of the Ferndale School Board requires many hands, hearts and minds—she is grateful for so many others walking with her in the work.

This award recognizes Lee Anne as a driving force in many of the district’s accomplishments, including free full-time kindergarten for all students; district provided school supplies for all K-5 students; and implementation of a broad-based equity team. For several years, she purchased surplus books from the school system to make them available to children and families.

The person who nominated Lee Anne for a Community Building Award shared that, “serving on a school board is a mostly thankless job. Nights away from family, reams of reports to read and study, angry emails and phone calls from constituents. All for no monetary compensation. But serving on a school board is also critically important. That’s why we need to celebrate those, like Lee Anne, who do serve, who believe a commitment to the children and youth of the community, along with a sincere desire to be a voice for fellow citizens, outweighs the sacrifices.”

Thank you for your service, Lee Anne

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