vision and values

Whatcom Family and Community Network (WFCN) envisions

an abundant, connected, and compassionate community offering skills and opportunities that allow all to thrive.  Within that resilient community, strong families raise healthy children and adolescents to reach their highest human potentials.  Together we experience belonging, love, dignity and justice.

our values

  • the capacity of safe, healthy communities to create environments in which all can find hope and reach their greatest human potential
  • childhood and adolescence as incredible growing years, where every child has the right to love, safety and access to skills and opportunities
  • parenting as a sacred trust and opportunity to develop a healthy, well and capable next generation
  • authentic human relationships based on respect, honesty and empathy
  • strength of diversity and multiple perspectives to catalyze the best community responses to community issues
  • inclusive and collaborative processes leading to positive community change, through barriers and into the unknown
  • the healing power of connection between people, organizations and human serving systems
  • dialogue as action toward shared goals
  • creativity of the human spirit, in all its forms, to lead through conflict and grief to unity and joy
  • empowerment through collective knowledge, wisdom and action
  • leadership as a trait everyone brings to the table
  • human experience and scientific research as valid measures of well-being
  • compassion, love, peace and equity leading to action for social justice